Travel Journal
Our travels overseas

We first started to write our travel journals (I write, Gill proof-reads) in October 2009, when we travelled to Mexico for Mayela's christening. Gill's parents were unable to make the trip, so we 'wrote home' to make them feel that they were still part of events. We kept this up for subsequent big holidays.

After they were no longer with us we kept up our journals for family and friends, but lately it's dawned on us that we'd keep it up just for us, even if we didn't have an audience. Reading back about previous holidays brings back very happy memories, especially as we sit, travel-deprived, in the 2020 lockdown.


Venice and Sicily

Danube and Romantic Road

Arles and Berlin
Caribbean Cruise Black Sea Cruise Norway Cruise

Family Holiday in Turkey
Istanbul to Athens Japan Cruise


Aix-en-Provence Spice Route

Madeira, New Year Caribbean Cruise, Regent
Hong Kong to Bangkok
Lisbon Australia Circumnavigation
Equinox Cruise
Rome and Berlin South America
Rio to Buenos Aires
Villa Duru
St. Petersburg to Moscow

Rejkjavik New Zealand Tour China
Tahiti to San Francisco
Rhone Cruise/Carcassonne Viking, Puerto Rico
Seabourn, Mediterranean
Western Mediterranean

Valencia with family
Rio to Miami Mediterranean with Mali and Ana
Venice Cruise
Auckland to Sydney Eastern Mediterranean
Provence and Ireland
Costa Rica Venice to Venice
Douro Cruise